At Loveco, we are aiming to be make a difference in this world. To reduce our plastic consumption and be more environmentally friendly. 

Over the last 50 years, we have seen a tremendous increase in our production and consumption of plastic, many of which are single use. Plastic has been favoured in recent history due to its cheap production costs and beneficial physical properties. However, this short term benefit is leading to real long term consequences. Plastic waste disposal is an issue as it does not decompose. The result has been increasing amounts of plastic being dumped in landfill and our sea's. Plastic are contaminating water supplies, killing animals homes and ruining our earth. 


Change needs to happen, and happen fast. Thus by focusing on the REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE framework, we have the fundamental principles of what we need to do. At LOVECO, we hope to encourage a reduction in plastic waste by selling plastic alternatives that can be reused.

Furthermore, these products provide a financial saving to you. Coffee places now ofter discounts on customers who bring in their own flasks. Why spend £2 for bottled water, when tap water is free?

The benefits are clear. So welcome to our online shop, lets make difference together. 

Lets LOVECO together.